Mother-in-law (Martyr – day 12 prompt)

(Martyr – day 12 prompt)

Doing for others
Selfless servitude in chains:
the mother-in-law

Kitchen staff and maid
Thankless. Not compensated.
Manacled by vows.

Her paypal is love
Depositless, all withdrawals.
taken advantage.

Says she doesn’t mind.
Says she’s happy to do it.
But her wrinkles frown.

Woman as Martyr.
Just a Husband’s Father’s Wife.


Walls (Construct – day 8 prompt)

Construct – day 8 prompt

Heart felt relations;
Authentic trust ‘tween nations;
True sincerity:

Construct-worthy lists.
Joining, uniting mankind…
Building up goodwill.

>>Pipelines, border walls
Destruction guised as construct
Building bottom lines

How long can we live
financially rationed by
Destructive walls of greed?

Divided we stand
united, lost behind walls.
broke, not yet broken.

Womanhood (((Echo)) – day 7 prompt)

Echo – Day 7 prompt

Combined Womanhood
Walked on, eye-ogled, paid less.
Yaya sisterhood

We think and gather…
we: Birth, Mother, Guide planets
Yet, disregarded.

Barefoot in kitchens,
Often ignored by man(kind?)
with stone age habits

Maternal values
deaf to patriarchal ears
((echo)) into blue.

Will he ever see
truthfully, she is equal?
Doggedly waiting…

Declaration (Faded – day 6 prompt)

Faded – day 6 prompt

Self -evident truths?
Equal creation: all men?
S’what the package says.

Bold Declaration:
(…sold separately)

Rights endowed for ALL!!
(..other exclusions apply)”,
the Creator(s) say(s).

Freedoms are faded
into ugly Orange Smog
of double-dealings.

Consent of governed??
Change, Abolish, Institute…
Through what honest means?