Walls (Construct – day 8 prompt)

Construct – day 8 prompt

Heart felt relations;
Authentic trust ‘tween nations;
True sincerity:

Construct-worthy lists.
Joining, uniting mankind…
Building up goodwill.

>>Pipelines, border walls
Destruction guised as construct
Building bottom lines

How long can we live
financially rationed by
Destructive walls of greed?

Divided we stand
united, lost behind walls.
broke, not yet broken.


Thanksgiving (Sated – Day 1 prompt)

Day 1 – Sated

Heart longing for pie.
Stomach and Good Me says no.
Mouth is full-on “GO!”

If you’re what you eat
>>Carbohydrate. Short and sweet.
Friends, just call me Carb.

I’ll nap on it, and
then decide, need one more slice?
Wake up: still Sated.

Taste buds answer “Pie!”
for voracity.