Trumped (Culture – day 5 prompt)

Culture – day 5 prompt

United, we’re not.
Orange buffoonery rends.
South rising again(st)?

Hope has turned to Fear.
‘Make Merakuh Great Again’
is Made in China.

The __ists and The __phobes
joined together in Hatred
‘gainst Humanity.

Shamed as we wait for
our new Culture to be bared.
…We’re not united.

We are embarrassed.


Thanksgiving (Sated – Day 1 prompt)

Day 1 – Sated

Heart longing for pie.
Stomach and Good Me says no.
Mouth is full-on “GO!”

If you’re what you eat
>>Carbohydrate. Short and sweet.
Friends, just call me Carb.

I’ll nap on it, and
then decide, need one more slice?
Wake up: still Sated.

Taste buds answer “Pie!”
for voracity.